About Aurora Technologies, LLC

We are a full service web design & development company based in New Hampshire, serving all of the United States. We’re known for our fast turnaround, insightful expertise, and exceptional service. Our clients enjoy working one-on-one with a real person – no phone directories, and no lengthy lead times.

We’re a developer owned small business, which means that we build and maintain higher quality products for our clients more timely than other web companies. We can also afford to go above and beyond for our clients without needing to nickle and dime.

Our Team

Mike Medrek - Aurora Technologies
Mike Medrek
Owner / Developer
Steff Medrek - Aurora Technologies
Steff Medrek
Customer Service & Sales
Drago - Aurora Technologies
Graphic Designer
Katie - Aurora Technologies

What sets us apart?

Being a small business owned and operated by an in-demand web developer, we’ve modeled our business and process around what we know works. And it turns out it’s not complicated:

  • Engaging design keeps visitors on your site longer, resulting in more business.
  • Fast website speed allows people to click through to more pages, resulting in more business.
  • Fast development time and quick turnaround eliminates stress and creates peace of mind.
  • Not nickle-and-diming our clients makes them feel valued.
  • Full service means full service. You don’t need any web experience.
  • We stand by our products and our clients with ongoing website maintenance & support.
We’re the website design & development department for several agencies not only in New Hampshire, but across the US. You can have agency quality work at a small business price by working directly with us and avoiding paying the markup.

If you’re in the market, feel free to reach out.

We hope to show you what it’s like to work with a company who can surpass your expectations.