Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling moves a background image at a slower speed than the rest of the web page, giving the effect of multiple dimensions or layers. Along with everything else that goes into a professionally designed website, parallax scrolling helps to gain the interest of the visitor, making your company memorable and increasing return visits.

Parallax creates depth

Text or images can go over your parallax background, creating a nice effect for your banner with ease.

Parallax scrolling will add a touch of elegance to your website, making it more memorable and helping earn more business.

Get parallax for your site

Is there a downside to parallax scrolling?

You may have heard that there are both pros and cons of using parallax on your website. The cons generally circulate around it having been slow and over-used when it first came out. In the early days, parallax scrolling meant that everything on your site scrolled at a different speed. It was fun, but distracting, and slowed down the loading time of websites considerably.

Today, parallax is subtle and tasteful. Done right, parallax scrolling compliments the feel of your site and will not slow it down at all.