Website Maintenance FAQ

Website maintenance is technical. Most companies know then need it, but want to better understand what they’re getting, and why it’s important. How necessary is maintenance? What happens if you opt out?

Read below for the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is website maintenance?

Maintenance keeps your website…

  • Monitored for downtime and malware
  • Tracked for usage
  • Running the latest software
  • Free of visual and functional bugs
  • Running super fast
  • Up to current SEO standards
  • Fully supported

Proper maintenance plans also include…

  • An allotment of development time so that you can have your updates done professionally at no extra charge.
  • A premium security suite with smart firewalling, connection to blacklist databases, read-time traffic surveillance, and much more.
  • Full Coverage. When a website is properly maintained and backed up, your website company should stand behind it no matter what.

Bottom line: Focus on your business with peace of mind, while your web company takes responsibility for your site.

Why do websites need maintenance?

The short answer is that technology changes rapidly. What used to work will not always work.

Regular Updates Required

Just like your mobile device and computer, your website needs software & security updates regularly. These updates not only improve performance, but they help guard against the hackers and malicious programs that attempt to compromise it on a daily basis.

Malicious Traffic

Up to 80% of website traffic can be bots and crawlers, many of which are malicious. They scan for vulnerabilities, and it’s a matter of time before they find one on an unmaintained site and inject malware that can be difficult to find and clean.

Resource Usage & Downtime

You need to know that your website team is going to respond immediately to a crash or malware incident. We also monitor for resource usage, making sure that everything is running as light as fast as possible.

Super Fast Speed!

More speed = more clicks = more business. We are website speed experts, and can make even a database-driven website load virtually instantly.

What are the most common risks for unmaintained websites?

  • Outdated Software – The software used to build your site will start to fall out of date within a month or two. This opens security holes, causes things to slow, and can cause features to break.
  • Malware and Hacking – Security holes opened by outdated software often result in malware injections or hacking.

    Who would want to hack my website? Am I really a target?

    The answer is not “who”, but “what”. Up to 80% of your website traffic can be bots and crawlers, many of which are malicious. They scan for vulnerabilities, and it’s a matter of time before they find one on an unmaintained site. Their goal may be to inject links, spread a virus, steal data from you or your customers, or have control of your site in another way.

    Cleaning up after these events is not a quick process, and if Google notices they will block your site from their search, and from Chrome.

  • Broken Features – The outdated technology will also cause certain features on the site to stop working. At first, little things here and there will stop working, or display incorrectly, resulting in a sloppier feel.
  • Website Downtime – Another common issue is that an unmaintained website can go down for any number of reasons, without the owner knowing about it until a customer speaks up. This results in lost potential business.
  • Crashes and Corruption – Outdated websites can experience crashes and corruption that breaks them completely. If this happens, and your site is not properly backed up, it will be lost permanently.

What maintenance plans do you offer?

The Gold and Silver packages offer full coverage and support, while the Bronze package protects against the most common threats.

What is "Full Coverage"?

When you are on a Gold or Silver level maintenance plan with us, we consider your website fully covered. That means that if any problem arises through no fault of your team, no matter what it is, we will fix it – even if it means exceeding your hours. No extra charge!

I'd like more technical details.

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