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Since 2012, we’ve been serving the website design and development needs of New Hampshire businesses, Our journey includes creating dynamic web solutions a wide range of industries including real estate, electronics, events, law & tax, construction, retail, and more. Each project has deepened our understanding of the various sectors and unique needs in New Hampshire’s business landscape.

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New Hampshire Web Development Case Studies

Gate City Brewfest – Nashua NH

Client: Gate City Brewfest, an annual festival in Nashua, NH featuring craft breweries, local restaurants, and musicians.

Challenge: To design a website that captures the vibrant energy of the festival, provides essential information for attendees, and showcases the diverse range of vendors and entertainment.

Solution: We developed a user-friendly website with a festive aesthetic that reflected the spirit of the event. The site featured elements like a vendor list, music line-up, and online ticket purchasing, making it a great resource for festival-goers.

Results: gatecitybrewfestnh.com
The website successfully attracted attendees, streamlined the information flow, and enhanced the overall festival experience, contributing to the event’s growing popularity in the local community.

NH Building Officials Association – Concord, NH

Client: NH Building Officials Association, an organization in Concord, NH collaborating with local government in New Hampshire, offering expertise, and providing training programs for members in the building industry.

Challenge: To create a website that serves as an informational hub for NHBOA members, facilitates the sharing of resources among tradespeople, and highlights their monthly training programs and involvement with the NH community.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate website that included sections for training programs, local code & legislation updates, and membership signup and payment. The design focused on accessibility and efficiency, ensuring members could easily find and utilize the information.

Results: nhboa.net
The new website became a vital tool for NHBOA, increasing engagement in training programs, facilitating member signup and payment, and strengthening the community of tradespeople in New Hampshire.

Granite State Kids – Bedford, NH

Client: Granite State Kids, a local Community Tennis Association in Bedford, New Hampshire that organizes tennis activities for children ages 5 – 18, affiliated with the United States Tennis Association and operating as a NH 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Challenge: To design an engaging, user-friendly website that captures the fun of kids’ tennis, facilitates easy sign-up and payment for programs, and provides clear information about program dates and times.

Solution: We crafted an attractive and interactive website that embodies the excitement of youth tennis. The site features intuitive navigation for program sign-up and payment, along with detailed sections on program schedules and events.

Results: granitestatekids.com
The website has enhanced the visibility and accessibility of Granite State Kids, making it easier for parents and children to engage with tennis programs, boosting participation, and reinforcing the organization’s community presence.

Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps – Nashua, NH

Client: Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps, a renowned independent, non-profit performing arts program in Nashua, NH, dedicated to engaging at-risk youth.

Challenge: To create a multifunctional website that showcases the Spartans’ schedule, facilitates donations and merchandise sales, acts as a recruitment platform, and highlights the organization’s achievements and staff.

Solution: We developed a dynamic, user-friendly website that effectively combines functionality with visual appeal. The site includes an online store, detailed bios, a hall of fame section, and engaging photo galleries, all tailored to enhance the corps’ online presence.

Results: spartansdbc.org
The website has become a key tool for the Spartans, improving engagement, streamlining operations, and boosting recruitment efforts, thereby reinforcing their impact in the community.

Mesiti Development – Londonderry, NH

Client: Mesiti Development, the largest land developer in Londonderry, NH, focusing on large retirement community developments.

Challenge: To create three distinct websites for their major retirement communities: Schoolhouse Square, Hickory Woods, and Cross Farm. The websites needed to display real-time availability of available lots, as well as development status, and detailed information about community and home amenities.

Solution: We crafted three individual websites, each with a real-time map showcasing lot availability, as well as detailed updates on construction progress, and comprehensive information on community and home features, tailored to the needs of potential residents.

Results: These websites were essential tools for Mesiti Development’s retirement communities, enhancing their marketing efforts, providing up-to-date information to potential buyers, and showcasing the attractiveness of their developments.

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