What is a WordPress Custom Post Type?

July 5, 2023

WordPress custom post types extend the capabilities of your website far beyond standard blogging and static pages.

When should I use a custom post type?

Custom post types are ideal for organizing things like staff, events, projects, locations, products, case studies, resources, testimonials, etc.

They are important to consider because they simplify content management, as well as improve navigability, user experience, and SEO.

Each custom post type comes with…

  • A listing page (e.g. Our Staff)
  • Categories (e.g. Leadership, Management, Associates)
  • Detail pages (e.g. Individual staff member bios)
  • All pages are SEO optimized
  • Highly customizable look and function
  • User friendly posting and editing

Benefits of custom post types:

1. Flexibility

Custom post types can be designed and developed to fit perfectly with your unique website. Whether you need to showcase projects, list job openings, or create events, your needs can be accommodated. You’ll have complete control over the content structure, layout, and design.

2. Future Scalability

Using custom post types, your website can keep up with your evolving business with a scalable solution that can accommodate future content additions or changes. You can easily expand your website’s functionality without the need for redevelopment, saving time and resources.

3. Enhanced SEO

Custom post types improve search engine visibility by structuring content effectively and utilizing sub-pages. This ensures that search engines better understand your website and index more pages, leading to higher rankings, increased organic traffic, and maximum online visibility.

4. Simplified Content Management

With custom post types, content management becomes painless. All posts show up in a user-friendly dashboard where they can easily be organized and updated. This interface enables any average computer user to create and manage otherwise complex web content.

5. Improved Navigability

Custom post types enhance the navigability of your website with well-structured content hierarchies. Visitors can browse easily through intuitive navigation menus, filters, or searches. This will keep visitors clicking around, and boost your website’s usage stats.

6. Self Sufficiency

We build custom post types such that any average computer user can manage them. Instead of spending time organizing content and instructions to send to your developer, you can easily publish it yourself through a user-friendly interface and intuitive fields.

With a little bit more time investment up front, we can leverage our extensive web development and WordPress customization expertise to build you a powerful custom post type solution that makes your website more flexible, scalable, SEO friendly, and simpler to manage.

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