Why Website Maintenance?

By Steff | November 7, 2018

When investing in a new website for your business, you may be tempted to to opt out of a monthly maintenance plan to save money.

Why spend the extra money on a website that already looks great? Even though you may not directly be able to see the maintenance at work, it is very important to keep your website secure, running the latest software, and looking and functioning its best.

When a website goes without maintenance, the inevitable result is compromised security, slowing or crashing, broken functionality, and/or loss of search engine ranking and traffic. A website that is not maintained could be carrying a defect for a long period of time before anyone within the company realizes there is an issue! Just like with your computer or mobile device, new versions of security software and other upgrades for websites are always coming out. These updates close security holes, improve performance, and keep up with evolving technology.

Our website maintenance plans combat these issues, offering 24/7 monitoring for downtime and malware – two of the most common problems that cause websites to lose visitors and business – as well as ongoing optimization of resource usage, instant speed, and SEO. We will update or replace any outdated code and ensure your website is always running quickly, smoothly, and reliably.

In addition, we will perform any website updates requested by YOU within your monthly package hours, making keeping your website up to date with relevant information a breeze.

Don’t overlook the importance of monthly website maintenance. You’ve invested in an engaging website experience for your company; make sure to keep it healthy!

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