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Since 2012, we’ve provided web design and development services for a multitude of industries in Massachusetts. Our experience includes crafting dynamic websites for sectors such as healthcare, education, technology, construction, and retail, among others. Each project has enhanced our insight into the diverse industries prevalent in Massachusetts and their unique digital needs.

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Massachusetts Web Development Case Studies

Norfolk Multifamily – Braintree, MA

Client: Norfolk Multifamily, a division of The Norfolk Companies, a family-owned business since 1934 in Braintree, Massachusetts specializing in supplying cabinets, countertops, and property maintenance materials, along with design and project management services for all of New England.

Challenge: To establish an online presence for this new division, highlighting how different target audiences – general contractors, property managers, and housing authorities – can benefit from working with Norfolk Multifamily.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive website showcasing their services, recent projects, and the range of products offered. The site was tailored to clearly communicate the benefits to each of their target groups in New England’s building sector.

The website successfully positioned Norfolk Multifamily as a go-to resource in their industry, enhancing their visibility and facilitating better engagement with their key audiences.

Blue Hill Observatory – Milton, MA

Client: Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center, located in Milton, Massachusetts is an iconic institution in atmospheric science since 1885, known for its extensive climate record and public education programs.

Challenge: To create a website that offers a wealth of technical historical data for meteorology professionals and enthusiasts, showcases webcams from atop Blue Hill, and provides information on educational programs, events, and webinars. The site also needed an online store for scientific equipment, books, and branded merchandise.

Solution: We built a robust, informative website that not only serves as a repository for historical meteorological data but also engages the public with educational resources and an online store. The site features real-time webcams, detailed program and event information, and a user-friendly online store.

The new website has become an important tool for the Observatory, enhancing its role in education and research while offering easy access to its resources and merchandise.

Hidden Gem Pet Resort – Methuen, MA

Client: Hidden Gem Pet Resort, formerly Tee Emm’s Kennels, a Methuen, Massachusetts pet care facility renowned across New England with a rich history dating back to 1952.

Challenge: To rebrand and design a website for Hidden Gem Pet Resort that appeals to a New Hampshire and Massachusetts’ younger audiences while honoring its strong heritage. The website needed to showcase their unique offerings including daycare, boarding, grooming, and training services, and facilitate online sign-ups.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive brand suite and a website that effectively balances modern appeal with a nod to its history. The site highlights their expansive facilities, exceptional care, and diverse services, with easy online registration for clients.

OUT to Dance – West Roxbury, MA

Client: OUT to Dance, a vibrant dance studio in West Roxbury, Massachusetts led by award-winning instructor Liz Nania, known for its welcoming and inclusive dance classes, especially for the LGBTQ+ community.

Challenge: To design a fun and friendly website that not only attracts people in the Boston, Massachusetts area to the studio but also facilitates class listings and online payments.

Solution: We created a visually engaging website that reflects the studio’s lively and inclusive atmosphere. The site offers easy navigation for class schedules, detailed descriptions, and a seamless payment system for class registrations.

Results: The website has significantly increased the studio’s visibility, attracting a diverse range of students and enhancing the ease of joining classes.

Skin and Laser Surgery Center – Revere, MA

Client: Skin and Laser Surgery Center, New England’s premier medical and cosmetic dermatology center, led by world renowned dermatologist Dr. Khalil A. Khatri.

Challenge: Develop a website detailing an extensive list of dermatological services with multimedia elements like videos and before-and-after images, while ensuring high SEO optimization.

Solution: We created an informative and visually appealing website, featuring detailed service descriptions, multimedia resources, and a section for monthly specials, all optimized for search engines.

Results: The website has become a key tool in attracting patients in Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire and the rest of New England, offering them a comprehensive online resource for dermatological services.

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